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  • Social Highlights
  • Environmental Highlights
Social Highlights


24,600 people heard

through Customer Satisfaction surveys

20.5% green energy sold

to customers on the free market (7% in 2016)

65,000 Acea Energia customers

chose, in 2017, electronic billing: 13.5 t/year of paper saved


Over 5,000 young people

participating in Io mi impegno per l’Ambiente! Acea for schools 2017

Piazza Navona, Piramide Cestia and Palatino

artistic-monumental lighting for the city

66 Water houses

active in 2017: 17.5 million litres supplied

350 t of plastic/year saved and 620 t of CO2 atmospheric emissions saved

Shareholders and financiers

133.9 million euros

of dividends

270 analysts/investors

met by Investor relations

89.3 million euros

allocated to financiers

Institutions and Company

Approximately 56 million euros

in innovation

and over 14 projects in progress

532.3 million euros

of investments in the year

Numerous partnerships

with Universities and Research Institutes and school-work Vocational Projects


96.5% employees

with permanent contracts

33% female presence

in Corporate Governance bodies

3,000 workers

involved in Acea Safety Week
Sicuri di Essere Sicuri?


594 million euros

the 2017 procurement value

Approximately 2,000 contracts signed

with over 1,000 suppliers

8,900 inspections

of construction site safety carried out by the “Safety Team” for “Single Contracts”

Environmental Highlights


384 Mm³

of drinking water supplied by Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5 and Gesesa (Group total: 658 Mm3)

118,900 t

of sludge produced by Acea Ato 2, Acea Ato 5 and Gesesa, of which 75% recovered


of water source areas; 200 km2 analysed and 31 anomalous variations identified


experimental campaign on Emerging Organic Micropollutants at wastewater treatment plants


446,000 t

of waste-to-energy waste (input) and 97,000 t of waste produced (output): 22% (output/input)

17,700 t

of high-quality compost produced (+27% compared with 2016)

384 GWh

of energy produced by waste-to-energy (+17.6% compared with 2016)

22 GWh

of energy generated by biogas (Orvieto plant)

Energy Infrastructure

30,900 km

distribution networks to Rome and Formello with approximately 11,000 GWh of electricity required on our network

224,480 lamps

intended for the city’s public and artistic lighting

Increase in territorial protection

(underground HV network/HV network total): 44%

838 GWh

total energy generated (including WtE) (+13.6% compared with 2016)

96 GWh

of thermal energy generated for district heating: over 39,000 inhabitants served

71 Sub-stations

Constructed or expanded
and reconstructed 972 Operating stations

2,600 t CO₂

atmospheric emission saved thanks to efficiency measures

73% of total

energy generated by renewable sources (608 GWh)